Most of my followers, sent me emails if I work for Ricoh

company due to writing always about Ricoh and say good

words about it.

I wrote what I see, and what I heard from market,that These days Ricoh is
increasing potentials on Printheads.
Such as, Ricoh 5420-5440 which we called GENE5 as old name, has very stable
performance either, UV printer mostly or Solvent printer.

This head is available to work Grayscale which is variable ,multi drop generation
from 7pl up to 21pl.
Therefore , You will see many printers with Ricoh heads on the market such as
DGEN on Textile, Durst on KAPA printers, and some other UV and Solvent
If you look for variable droplets, and stable performance then Ricoh 5420-5440
printheads equipped printers should be preferred.
Most of 3rd party ink supplier is already developed inks for these heads, For
Textile inks ,Kiaan,J-teck,Sensient , For UV inks ,Triangle, SunChemical, Fuji ,
For Solvent inks, JetbestPiccoInk , Nutec , Nano....