23 Kasım 2011 Çarşamba


Eurotechprinters will launch newest LAZARUS Eco printer at Sign Istanbul 2011 Show.LAZARUS is the first variable dot printer on its range...

14 Kasım 2011 Pazartesi

Flat-Bed UV Printer- Grapo Manta Slim..

One of the unique Flat bed UV printer Manta Slim launched by Grapo.
Manta Slim will print on the widest range of rigid materials, including: foam board, cardboard, plastic, wood, metal, glass etc. Grapo UV cured inks ensure the best adhesion to the printing media without the need for pre-coating. 720 dpi at small, precise controlled drop sizes and precise dot placing (dot size control) make the graphic reproduction of skin color possible or pastel colored surfaces without color cuts or sharp transitions. Our solution enables you to process any order which you could not render before with low quality printing systems.

The Manta Slim is designed to optimize your production process; it is easy to operate, requires easy maintenance, can be easily switched to different print applications especially on rigid and also on some flexible materials on a reduced scale.

Manta Slim produces instant-dry prints ready to cut and apply. Creates long-lasting outdoor signage with the fastest printer in its class. It will impress customers with the speedy delivery of signs and designs that look perfect and last long. Manta Slim is an excellent tool to improve your services, and reduce your costs.
rintheads 8 x Konica Minolta Printheads 14 pl/28 pl or 42 pl or 5 x Konica Minolta printheads 14/28 pl (CMYK) + 42 pl (White)
Nozzles per head 512
Hardware resolution 360 x 360 dpi
Print resolution up to 720 dpi
Printing speed (maximum) up to 110 sqm/h (1184 sqf/h)
Printing speed (production quality) 30 - 40 sqm/h (323 - 431 sqf/h)
Printing speed (high quality) 15 - 20 sqm/h (161 - 215 sqf/h)
Color system CMYK or CMYK + White


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9 Kasım 2011 Çarşamba

Exhibitions are coming to End

Sign and Graphic market exhibitions are very common Trade shows for new trends and market needs.
We are coming to end of year 2011 and there is only one big Sign Exhibition left behind.
It is Sign Istanbul 2011 (1-4 December 2011) www.signistanbul.com

8 Kasım 2011 Salı

Eurotechprinters Launch World Fastest Super Wide Printer...

Eurotechprinters, originally located in Istanbul Turkey , manufactures Super Wide Format Solvent,Mild Solvent,Uv and Textile printers since 2005, announce to launch World Fastest Super Wide format printer with 5mt. wide and 400 sqm per hour on photo quality billboard printing , called Eurotech TURBO.
Eurotech Turbo will launch at Sign Istanbul 2011 (1-4th December) for the first time.
Eurotech Turbo will be one of first for:
-Environmental friendly Inks (Oxy-Eco inks),
-Special optinal take up and edge trimming modules,
-Wasatch Softrip 6.9 include with Cost Estimator

Eurotechprinters are looking forward new partners World Wide.