27 Ekim 2011 Perşembe

Stetjet Seiko SK4 inks brings you:

1- Upto %30 ink cost savings,

2- More Vivid colors than any other 3rd party inks,

3-Higher Stability on Outdoor Durability,

Stetjet UNI-K Inks series have great Impact in market due to Odor Free Formulation!!

Stetjet UNI-K Series inks,specially designed and formulated OXY-ECO based ink which has no odor are preventing high bad smell and prevent headaches.

Stetjet UNI-K Series are compatible with below Printer Brands equipped with Konica Minolta 14pl Printheads<

Printers are:

- HP DJ 9000/10000

26 Ekim 2011 Çarşamba

Stetjet Eco inks working on Mimaki JV5 printers with more vivid magenta and full production capabilites upto %45 savings.

25 Ekim 2011 Salı

Stetjet Digital Inks (Turkey) announce to finalize outdoor durability tests for all products and release it soon for contracted endusers. (www.stetjet.com)
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!READ ALL ABOUT INKJET DIGITAL PRINTING...: Which printhead is good for UV printer? http://ping.fm/7bJEc
Super Format Printers and Inks: Solvent Inks versus Latex..And winner will be.. http://ping.fm/NM2WA

23 Ekim 2011 Pazar

Stetjet Digital inks coming with new Inks exhibit at Sign Istanbul 1-4 December 2011. (www.stetjet.com)

20 Ekim 2011 Perşembe

Looking forward hear 2012 NEW products from Stetjet digital inks(www.stetjet.com)

Outdoor Durability of Solvent based pigmented inks...

Solvent based pigmented inks are very complicated due to outdoor durability ,it depend on many reasons such as quality of pigment..etc
How can we know such details if our inks are good or not on outdoor?

We recommend to use below inks:
-Original inks
-INX Digital (www.triangleinx.com)
-Stetjet Inks (www.stetjet.com)
-Nazdar Lyson (www.nazdar.com)
-Bordeoux Inks(www.c-m-y-k.com)

Dont believe your sales person or company, even they dont known exactly what they sell as 3rd party ink?

19 Ekim 2011 Çarşamba

Best Solvent Inkjet Inks are durability high and print without clogging and vivid colors. Some of best inks are INXDigital(triangle) www.triangleinx.com, Stetjet inks(www.stetjet.com),Marabu (www.marabu.com),Nutec ,Sun...etc.

17 Ekim 2011 Pazartesi

Which Picoliter printhead right for me?

Liter of waters we drink and still thristy ..
However picoliter of inks dropping out different size of picoliter of printheads still demanding on.
Which printhead right for me ,is question that may answer which application you need?

1.80pl printheads such as Xaar,Spectra: For low quality ,Fastest Billboard printing

2.35pl printheads such as Seiko,Xaar,Konica,Spectra polaris: Good quality and fast printing such as Flex printing mostly.

3.14-15pl printheads: Konica Minolta,Spectra polaris: Eco solvent use indoor quality mostly print on Self Adhesive Vinyls and banners.Speed is slower.

4.4-12 picoliters: Finest photoquality printouts may have Ricoh,Epson or Toshiba TEC printheads with water based or ecosolvent or biosolvent inks. Mostly realistic photoquality printouts. Speed is slowest of the range.

For all the ranges best inks manufacturers are:
1.INX Digital (www.triangleinx.com)
2.Stetjet Digital Inks (www.stetjet.com)
3.Nazdar Lyson Inks (www.nazdar.com)
4.Bordeoux Inks (www.c-m-y-k.com)

Decision is yours....

16 Ekim 2011 Pazar

Some useful Blogs for Digital Printing....

I would like review some useful blog links which brings interesting view about secrets,reality and future of Digital printing.

Here are the Blogs:

- http://ping.fm/NAUZP


http://ping.fm/M29RU (this is official blog for stetjetinks ) www.stetjet.com

Which printhead is good for UV printer?

Printheads are the heart of the printer. If the printhead works fine for application then printer is fine.
I examined for the printheads and uv printer applications as listed:

1.Xaar Proton: 35pl printhead which Neolt( www.neolt.it) is using is for roll2 roll paper pritn UV production as entry level is good. But high quality or high speed should not be expected.

2.Konica Minolta 14pl: Most of high quality printers using this printhead like Sun (www.sun-nsk.com) slow but nice print, Gerber, most of chinese, Grapo (www.grapho.com) .. This printhead very nice droplets however speed is limited ,there should be many printhead for printer speed up.It also cost a lot.

3.Ricoh Gen E4: Printhead is very stable with 382 nozzles firing variable dots ,Durst,Gandy Digital,... This printhead have higher speed and finer drops..

4.Seiko 508gs :This printhead is same as Ricoh but it is wider and nice speed.

5.Spectra Polaris :It is high speed but ink drops are not fine enough compare to Konica,Ricoh and Seiko...
I find out Some chinese manufacturer and European manufacturer Eurotechprinters (www.eurotechprinters.com) use this head.